Friday 15th  6.30 – 9.30
Saturday 16th 6.00 – 9.00


Right folks, now’s the time for you to register your preferred date for the September Golden Toad Members night, but before you do, please read the following and then complete the form.

• The evenings are only open to those whose membership is valid up to and including the 16th September 2018.
• You can only attend one night (that might be you’re wife/husband’s decision anyway!)
• You can only bring one guest, someone who likes beer is a good option, a tee total taxi driver, even better.
• Sadly, cars cannot be left overnight at the brewery.
• Beer will be flowing freely all night.
• A beer-infused BBQ will be available at no extra cost.
• There is limited seating and certainly no dining tables, but we do have napkins.
• This is no formal tour, it’s a great social evening. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.
• Don’t take the image above literally, it was a different event. However if you want to dress up, feel free to do so.



  • Please complete the relevant information input box in the form below to tell us your dream Tring beer. What style of beer would you choose for us to brew? Which hops would provide aroma and bitterness? Would you use any adjuncts to enhance the characteristics of the beer? Would you use further brewing methods to add layers of complexity to the brew? (for example; dry-hopping OR barrel-ageing in a bourbon whisky barrel)
  • LET US KNOW in a few brief & concise sentences, these ideas will then be collated and curated by the Tring Brewery team, whom will formulate 3 NEW BEERS for you to vote for on the night with tokens. The winning beer shall be brewed and put on sale in the shop, proudly donning the collaborative message of the first ever Tring Brewery MEMBER’S BREW.

Thank you

September 2017 Golden Toad Event

Registration for September 2017 Golden Toad Event
  • Let us know in a few brief & concise sentences your dream Tring beer, inclusive of style, hops, adjuncts and anything else you may think of! For example: "I would love for you to brew a big imperial stout. I think this stout would be complemented by the subtle, earthy, spice of english hop varieties. I would use peated malt, and vanilla pods to add a distinguished edge, then finish with a period of barrel-aging in a sherry oak cask."
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.