Q – What is the difference between bright and rough beer?
A – Bright beer contains virtually no yeast. Most of our beer is sold in this format as customers can just collect and drink it immediately. Rough beer contains yeast and needs to be left stationary overnight for the yeast to settle. The main advantage of rough beer is that it lasts a little longer once opened, 99.9% of our customers don’t like the idea of waiting though!!

Q – How long does bright beer and rough beer last?

A – Bright beer has a shelf life of 7 days unopened. Once opened we advise consuming in 3-4 days irrespective of the container type. Rough beer will last longer if stored under the correct conditions, however once open we again advise that it is consumed within 3-4 days. If you’re struggling, get some friends round.

Q – Do you produce a gluten free beer?
A – All our beers are brewed using a combination of malted barley, roasted barley, wheat and sometimes rye or oats. At present they all contain glutens.

Q – Do you produce a vegetarian/vegan friendly beer?
A – We are pleased to offer a range of vegan suitable small-batch brews – please ask a member of the team to point these out whilst in store.
Like many other breweries we use a product called isinglass finings to help our core range cask beer clarify. Finings are produced from the swim bladders of fish, the active ingredient being collagen. This product would normally remain bound with yeast sediment in a barrel but as it is used in the brewing process is often seen as not suitable for vegans.

Q – Do you make lager, cider, or mead?
A – We don’t currently brew a lager. We leave mead to those pursuing a medieval lifestyle. Whilst we don’t produce cider we do sell a number of brands through the brewery shop, including Lilleys, Hawkes and Westons.

Q – If I buy rough beer (includes yeast) how long will it take to clear?
A – Both minipins (18 pint) and polypins (36 pint) will clear overnight. For firkins (72 pints), they are best left for 24 hours. We do not sell rough beer in sizes smaller than this.

Q – What equipment do I need to serve beer from a firkin (72 pint)?
A – We supply you with a tap, stillage (support) and spile (to vent the cask). In return, we will ask you for a £50 deposit which will be returned to you once the cask and equipment has been returned to the brewery.

 Instructions on setting up a firkin can be found here.

Q – Do you deliver to retail customers?

A – Unfortunately not. We will however help you carry larger orders to the car and we soon hope to be able to send bottles and 9 pint tins via courier.

Q – Can you reuse any of the containers?

A – Unfortunately not but they can all be recycled and made into clothing, more packaging and even cars. When disposing of 18 and 36 pint polys, please separate the plastic inner from the cardboard outer.

Q – Whats is the best way to store my beer?
A – All instructions on storing beer to enjoy it at it’s best can be found here.

Q – Why don’t you publish a list of pubs stocking your beer?
A – There are many pubs that stock our beer on a permanent basis, but on an hour by hour basis we don’t know if the beer is flowing from the pumps. We’d hate to point you to a pub only for you to find the beer has either just run out or is a few hours away from going back on. There are also many pubs out there who take our beer on rotation alongside other breweries. Whilst we know when it might have been delivered, again we can never exactly know when it might have gone on the bar.

Q – Do you sell your beer in bottles?
A – Yes. Death or Glory, Side Pocket for a Toad, Ridgeway,
Tea Kettle Stout, Drop Bar, Colley’s Dog and Pale Four are usually available in bottles.