Small Batch

Born from months of experimentation on our 200 litre pilot kit, Tring Brewery is pleased to introduce a new range of small batch beers, but we’re not going to use words like CRAFT or ARTISAN to describe them.

To call them that would be to imply we’ve given them more attention than the multi award winning beers we have brewed since 1992. That’s not the case. These are simply different and in a very good way. Bigger flavours…yes. More progressive in style…yes. Divisive…quite possibly. Worth trying…most definitely.

Creeping towards your favourite drinking vessel in 2017, this eclectic family of flavours will ultimately end up being produced on our new 8 barrel kit from which point they’ll be divided up into cask, bottle and keg offerings.

Small batch, big flavour. The first offerings will be a Smoked Porter, Oatmeal Mild, India Stout and Pilsner. Keep an eye on our twitter facebook and instagram accounts for updates.

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