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As of today, Tring Brewery Co. is now a VERIFIED VENUE on Untappd, so be sure to check-in tasty brews when you’re next in the shop or on a tour through one of the most thriving beer communities in the world!

What is Untappd?

Untappd is the most widely used, beer-focused social platform in the world, with close to 2 million unique users and over 7.4 million app downloads.

The purpose of the free smartphone app is to connect with friends over the internet whilst drinking beer, with the ability to check-in beers, geo-tag your location and to ‘cheers’ check-ins from other users.

Untappd also allows drinkers to share their activity to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Untappd incentivises check-ins with ‘badges’ that are digital achievements, unlocked through the exploration of numerous styles, seasons and settings. The social reach of Untappd is a whopping 655 million per month, and to date, there have been over 500 million check-ins.



Why should drinkers have it?

Untappd is a fantastic, fun and friendly app for beer drinkers, a revelation within ‘ticking culture’ where aficionados once made handwritten notes in scrapbooks; logging their beery adventure – what’s the point of trying different beers if you have no way of remembering them?

As with most social networks, Untappd has evolved to become smarter and more powerful over the years since its launch in 2010. The platform has bolstered its functionality nowadays, allowing LIVE draught listings and upcoming events to be published by pubs, breweries and bars, straight into the palm of the drinker.

Why should the industry have it?

Breweries, taprooms, bars, bottleshops, brewpubs and beer festivals are now freely pouring a plethora of traditional and progressive styles, offering more variety in beer venues than you can shake a mash paddle at.

At the brimming bar fronts of these venues is a passionate army of tech savvy explorers, readily blogging and logging their every tipple, taster and tankard, forging a need for live updates and direct engagement; bringing drinker and brewer closer than ever before.

With this new level of interaction, breweries are now completely in tune with the beer you are enjoying the most, and are able to respond to this quick off the mark, the people now get what they want, when they want it!

Also we can create fun badges for you to unlock, and who doesn’t like fun badges?

Over the coming months we will be getting to grips with our verified venue status, as an exciting, multifaceted tool to further enhance your drinking experience, cheers to that!

To download and sign up for FREE, and for any further information on Untappd, please visit the link below: